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Cheque Printing Software Features

ChequeManager the cheque printing software has many features to cater the whole needs of cheque printing & management requirement. Apart from from cheque printing, voucher printing, covering letter printing & various MIS reports can be generated and printed.

Cheque Printing


ChequeManager Software prints beautiful error free cheques with precise alignment. It supports any available printer to print your cheques.


  • Simple Cheque Printing
  • EMI Cheque Printing
  • Bulk Cheque Printing
  • Voucher Printing
  • Handles Any Printer



Apart from cheque printing ChequeManager Software generates and prints various letter related to cheque detail automatically.


  • Brief Covering Letter
  • Detail Covering Letter
  • Cancellation Letter
  • Stop Payment Advice
  • Cheque Book Request Letter

MIS Reports


MIS reports is crucial for any activity in an organization. ChequeManager Software generates and prints various MIS Reports instantaneously.


  • Bank Wise Reports
  • Party Wise Reports
  • Amount Wise Reports
  • Date Wise Reports
  • Cheque Book  Wise Report

Printing Options


Cheque Manager Software has various printing options related to cheques.  Both regular options , special option like printing triple star are also available.


  • Serif and Sanserif Fonts
  • Auto Font Resizing
  • Payable at Par
  • Account Payee & Not Above
  • Prefix & Suffix ***

Database Connectivity


ChequeManager software connects seamlessly to any database to access cheque data for printing cheques. This feature help to avoid any error.


  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • My SQL
  • Tally ERP
  • Any Database

Multi Currency


ChequeManager handles any currency format to print cheques. Various currency numbering system is taken care by the software.


  • Main Currencies
  • Fractional Currencies
  • International Number System
  • South Asian Number System
  • Fractional of 100


  • Prints on any Bank Cheques.
  • Maintains Counterfoil Details.
  • Generates and Prints Covering Letter.
  • Generates and Prints Vouchers
  • Generates and Prints Stop Payment Advice.
  • Generates and Prints Cancellation Letter.
  • Generates and Prints Cheque Book Request Letter.
  • Generates and Prints General Letter to Banks & Parties.
  • Generates and Prints Various MIS Reports.
  • Imports data from ODBC, CSV, Excel,Text Formats & Tally ERP.
  • Handles any Printer with ease.
  • Bulk Cheque Printing.
  • Easy EMI Cheque Printing.
  • Any number of Cheque Formats


  • Multi-company software.
  • Multi-user software.
  • Assigns individual rights for users.
  • Connects to other Systems and accesses payment data.
  • Data back-up and restore facility provided.
  • Total flexibility of operation.
  • Easy to train users for operating the software.
  • Provides instant information on payments.
  • Serif and Sanserif Fonts.
  • Auto Font Resizing.
  • Payable at Par & Not Above.
  • A/C Payee Only.
  • Prefix & Suffix ***.
  • Predefined Cheque Templates.


  • Do I need a special Printer for Printing Cheques?

You can use any available printer to print cheques by ChequeManager Software.

Desk-jet, Office-jet, Laser-jet, All in One Ink jet etc. can be used Laser-jet will be preferred for nice quality print.


  • How long will it take to learn?

It takes just 10 minutes to configure and learn the software. Intuitive user interface design will enable you for smoother learning curve. Help Videos are available for quick reference.


  • Can I you any bank cheques?

ChequeManager handles any cheque formats & any cheque size to print beautiful cheques. User can add any number cheque formats and align the fields with ease using our intuitive user controls.


  • How long the license is valid?

License is valid for lifetime for the system in which the ChequeManager is installed initially.


  • Do I need to pay annually or any recurring charges in future?

It is only one time payment for a particular system & there is no any annual or recurring cost for license. More over for reactivation of license will incur minimal charges. License are not transferable to any other system (Due to crash or formating of Operating System or change of Hard Disk due to any crash).


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