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    ChequeManager Installation


  • Download the setup file from the download link provided. (eg.
  • Extract (Unzip) the setup file. You will have two files in it. (setup.exe & ChequeManagerSetup.msi)
  • Run the Setup.exe file. You will need internet connection for the setup to download prerequisite softwares from the internet. (Dot Net Frame Work 3.5, Crystal Report Basic – VS 2008, MS Office System Runtime 3.0)
  • Please follow the screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • After Installation ChequeManager Icon will be created in your desktop.
  • Double click the ChequeManager icon to start the ChequeManager software.
  • Then go to menu Settings>Database>Initialize>browse the path and click Save. (eg. D:/Programfiles/OrionSystem/ChequeManager)
  • Please go to menu Tools>Activation>Temporary>and Load Temporary Activation File (eg. CM-Temp-2015-10.actv) and click Activate.
  • ChequeManager default Login Details: Username: admin Password: admin



ChequeManager Installation Video Guide























    ChequeManager Configuration


  • Company Creation Menu>Master>Company>Creation>Fill the required details and Save to create a Company. You can create 3 Companies in standard and professional editions of ChequeManager. Then select the company in right side column to proceed further.
  • Bank Creation Menu>Master>Bank>Creation>Fill the required details and Save to create a Banks. You can create any number of Banks under a company.
  • Assigning Cheque Formats to Banks Menu>Master>Banks>Cheque Format>Please select the appropriate bank formats for respective banks and save it. You can add new formats by clicking new format button. Select the scanned image of the bank cheque and give a appropriate name and save it. Now you can find the cheque formats in the previous form. Align the respective fields using the tools give and save it.
  • Adding & Setting Printers Menu>Settings>Add Printer>Please add appropriate printers to ChequeManager to print cheques. Menu>Settings>Printer Settings> Choose desired settings and save to print cheques. (Landscape and Middle will be ideal for Laser Printers). Please ensure the paper size in the printer control panel as A4.
  • Cheque Book Creation Menu>Cheques>Cheque Book Creation>Create Cheque Books of desired number cheque leaves.
  • Start using ChequeManager You can find the cheque books created under banks in main screen. Click and select the desired cheque leave to make an entry and print your cheques.



ChequeManager Indian Edition Configuration Video Guide























ChequeManager International Edition Configuration Video Guide























    ChequeManager Adding Cheque Templates


  • Please set scan setting in scanner software as follows Scan Image: Color Scan Resolution:75dpi or 75ppi Output:jpeg or jpg.
  • Please ensure the cheque is straight and if possible use a color sheet in the background. It helps to crop the cheque image exactly
  • The result image approximately should be 600 pixels by 270 pixels(For Cheque Size of 203mm by 93m). If it is plus or minus 5 Pixels is ok. If these things are follwed wysiwyg will be achieved.
  • Go to Menu Master>Bank>ChequeFormat>Add New>Please browse and select new cheque image and give a appropriate name and save it. Go to previous form then select bank and the new cheque format. Then align the fields using the tools available and save it.

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